Information should be free / Artists work should be protected

How do we walk this line?

There is a certain tension between the Internet’s desire for sharing information and media and the copyright laws which protect the author of creative material.

Collaboration and user supported software have revolutionized the way technology is developed.  Companies like Epic have released their Unreal Project game development tool for free, this may be a matter of give them the camera, sell them the film, since they sell a lot of assets for game creation. They also collect a 5% royalty upon release of your product.

Creative Commons licensing is an extension to the copyright that specifies the terms of sharing.  It allows the creator to provide the terms of the license and it creates both human readable, and digital licensing on one’s website content or a stand alone document like a PDF or an image.

There are works that an author wishes to retain the rights to, and there are works that an author may wish to share with specific terms.  Creative Common allows the author to specify those terms without further communication with the licensee.

Here is the Creative Common website.

Read about it, use the license chooser wizard, share and protect your work with the terms you specify.


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